Best Of December by Leeds College Of Music

What a year! Our final playlist for 2017 has been curated by The Leeds College Of Music.  Take a listen to their top 10 for the month of December.

Laminate Pet Animal

You may hear hints of Gold Panda, The Japanese House and Bonobo in Laminate Pet Animal; but the electronica trio from Leeds (UK), have quickly fabricated their own sound with organic samples, lush vocals and pulsing bass lines. Having forged a reputation through remixing established artists such as Magic Man and many local bands, LPA soon found themselves getting booked to support Gold Panda, Emancipator, Slow Magic and Nathan Fake, as well as playing multiple festivals including Live At Leeds and Sound City.

Skwid Ink

Skwid Ink are a raucous and theatrical quartet from the up and coming Leeds based label, Tight Lines. Described as “bombastic and inappropriate”, Skwid take influence from artists ranging from Kamasi Washington to The MC5. With their debut vinyl release ‘The Skwids Are Here’, they’re looking to put their stamp firmly on British Jazz.

Henry Bateman

‘Not so much a breath of fresh air – more a full force musical gale that lifts you to places you didn’t know existed’ is one way to describe Henry’s output. Never one to be in a ‘mould’, his style has been influenced by a range of original guitarists/singer/songwriters, from Michael Hedges to Peter Gabriel, Randy Newman and James Taylor.

Tom Harvey

Unravelling a personal sense of reality, Thomas Harvey is a British, Leeds based singer/songwriter, whose emotive blend of pop and electronic sounds deliver individualism through eloquent lyrical themes.


Necktr are a modern soul 9 piece based in Leeds, drawing on influences from classic hip-hop beats, through to Latin, Jazz, Afrobeat and ambient music.


Like many bands, Snicklefritz was conceived within the bedroom, blending lo-fi rock with understated electronic production ‘to create a sound so refreshing you’ll be tempted to let your ear drink the whole ash tray’. Their own bio simply says – Shooting snicklerounds of snicklesounds into your head top… Who’s to disagree.


Honing in on their trademark indie-dance crossover sound, Lunablind present a powerful performance supported by their driving rhythms and tasteful melodies. Reminiscent of early Two Door Cinema Club, All Tvvins and Foals, the boys offer their audiences a sweet release of catchy guitar riffs and a powerhouse of danceable indie tracks that never cease to please.

Dream Estate

Dream Estate is a 5 piece ambient pop outfit creating a very modern yet nostalgic tinged sound. “Whilst uplifitng in sound, ‘Half The World Away’ explores a love story tarnished with fears of separation; an interesting, yet effective juxtaposition.”

Dharma Wild

Born out of an eclectic and diverse music scene in Leeds, Dharma Wild is a five piece art-rock band that evokes the industrial landscape of the North. Their current single Emi Koussi is both ‘delicate and imposing’, with Diss Magazine describing their live set as “some of the dreamiest, most on point psych-fi ambient melodic lasagne layer goodness I have had the pleasure of bearing witness to”.


Singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tamzene hails from the Highlands of Scotland. Showcasing well-honed pop sensibilities, paired with a lush and soulful voice, ‘Enough For Me’ is a beautiful statement.