Artist Of the Week – Vains

Hailing from Hull, Vains is our Artist Of The Week! Swimming in the melancholic end of the pool, the band crafts moody sonic textures from cavernous driving drums and lush, twangy guitars. The band’s lyrical content tends to focus around the unnerving doldrums that the weight and stress brought on by everyday life, but the way it’s presented with an almost spoken-word delivery is really brilliant, bolstering the feeling over underlying tension while avoiding angsty tropes and pitfalls.

Our current favourite track is the freshly released “24”, a brooding, beautiful piece about feeling left behind and not measuring up, with shimmery floating guitars that put it somewhere between Echo & the Bunnymen, The Chameleons, King Krule and early Interpol. Check out video below and we’re sure you’ll want to add Vains to all your grey weather playlists.