Artist Of The Week: Our Atlantic Roots

Our Artist Of The Week is Cornwall based alt folk duo Our Atlantic Roots! Bringing an uplifting blend of American and British alternative folk, with harmonies that are rich and dynamic is their superpower. Mac’s country bluegrass roots add a popular authentic southern US vibe to many songs, with the more folk-inspired influence coming from Laura.

Listen to their latest single ‘All The Years’ here:

The husband/wife duo met in Asheboro, North Carolina in August 2012. Just a few weeks after meeting, Mac and Laura wrote their first song together. They relocated to the UK a few years later. September 2017 saw the release of Mac and Laura’s debut EP ‘First Light’ recorded with award-winning folk producer Andy Bell. Their follow-up EP ‘Little Bird’ really stood out to us, and we’re not surprise that it has been featured on some of the most popular indie/folk playlists out there. It’s a beautiful blend of Americana and British folk at it’s best, and their harmonies are something out of this world.

Listen to ‘Little Bird’ EP here:

When you first see and hear this duo play together, you immediately realise their love for music and particularly the love of doing this together. Their voices knit together in a way that can only be done with either years of working together in the studio, or just years of living together. I guess they can tick both boxes.

Watch their amazing live rendition of ‘All The Years’ here:

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