Artist Of The Week: Neon Fields

Our Artist Of The Week is South-West UK based trio Neon Fields! They combine dark industrial rock with atmospheric synth and vocals packed with passion and emotion, to create their brand of Indie Electronic Rock.

Formed in 2020 by Ed Barrett (lead vocals), Luke Russe (drums) and Piers Ward (keyboards/guitar), they have just released their self-titled EP ‘Neon Fields’ starting off with the track ‘Bleak’. The song follows the story of someone trapped within the ice in a seemingly endless winter, longing for sunlight to set them free. A metaphor for what many have been feeling over the last 2 years.

Listen to their 1st EP on Spotify here:

An anthemic and beautiful body of work by Neon Fields, EP 1 takes you on a journey between the 80s and today with fat synths, big drums and bold yet atmospheric vocals. If you like the sound of Muse meets Imagine Dragons sprinkled with some elements from the New Wave genre, you’re in for a treat here.

Watch their music video for ‘Light Them Up’ here:

Neon Fields have some awesome merch as well as a pre-release single from their coming album, so make sure you have a look and listen at their webshop:

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