Artist Of the Week: Lial

Based out of London, Lial is an artist and songwriter exploring the darker, more pensive corners of pop music and sonically, there’s lots on offer. One of our favourites is “Dirty Little Lies”, a slow burner that keeps a tried and true pop formula from feeling stale by using guitar-led production and vocal hooks vaguely reminiscent of some classic M83 tunes.

While comparisons to Sia and Lana Del Ray might be apt, they feel a bit lazy as Lial clearly has honed in her own thing, adding just as much emotion to her melancholic dream-like verses as she does to a larger soaring chorus. There’s a distinctive style running through everything, something smokey and mysterious and while it’s not immediately easy to pin down, it only takes a few listens to become immersed in it. You can check out her latest video for “Just Say It’s Over” below to see what we’re on about!