Artist Of The Week – Khaki Scouts

Khaki Scouts are our Artist Of the Week! This UK-based band comes correct with undeniable singalong hooks, jangly indie sensibilities and big helping of punk bombast worked in for good measure. Taking a bit of a different approach, they’ve been releasing their debut album Send Help single-by-single throughout the year; as much as we love a Netflix binge, there’s something to be said about a sense of anticipation! The band’s latest single “Envy” has been ringing in our ears a lot lately, so check that out below (any musicians out there will get a chuckle from watching the recently released video too):

We also highly recommend the video for “Do Nothing”, a heartfelt ode to life in lockdown that everyone should be able to relate to, especially as we board the rollercoaster once more…

We look forward to more great music from Khaki Scouts in the future!