Artist Of The Week: In Waves

Our Artist Of The Week is In Waves!

In Waves have no interest in adhering to any boundaries. Inspired by a diverse set of influences spanning the past six decades, while taking a cue from alt-pop contemporaries such as Kasabian and The Neighbourhood, this UK band’s music is a sonic labyrinth. From energetic breakbeats to rumbling bass-lines to occasional indie swagger, there’s something new at every turn.

Listen to their first single, ‘Head Above Water’, here

‘Head Above Water’ is the explosive first offering from these newcomers. Anthemic yet introspective lyrics place their agenda front and centre: whoever you are, whatever you’re going through – it’s okay. The upfront and translucent message encapsulate the struggles of a modern generation. The track mixes an infusion of rap, 808s and pop melodies, leaving no doubt that In Waves are here to break down barriers, labels, and lead the way for a new era of artists.

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