Artist Of The Week: Elba Rose

Our Artist Of The Week is Elba Rose! 

Elba Rose is a solo artist based in Brighton, UK, crafting brilliant, moody, alternative pop tracks with hip-hop-influenced drum sounds and patterns. Her vocals are raw and honest, and feature scenic, lyrical storytelling with ethereal notes. She has received repeated plays on BBC Introducing and Future, as well as praise from several UK blogs.

Listen to her latest single, ‘Diamond Like’, here:

Elba’s ‘Diamond Like’ is a clever track. Its minimalistic production allows her vocals to really shine through and give us some big atmospheric vibes. Another layer is her vulnerability with words and ability to tell a story. She has succeeded in creating something new that we aren’t used to hearing. In a world of overproduced pop, this is a very welcome unique sound. Elba is the whole package and we can’t wait to hear more!

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