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The Richer Unsigned Playlist

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  • Best of May 2016 by Tunecore

    Sam Taylor of has picked some of his favourite artists for the May playlist. With an artist-friendly model that pays out 100% of sales and streaming revenue, TuneCore is the world’s leading independent digital distributor, and is proud to be the distribution partner to tens of thousands of independent musicians around the world. TuneCore will be at Great Escape Festival in Brighton on Saturday 21st May as headline sponsor of DIY Day – a series of panels and seminars for independent and emerging musicians. To find out more click here

    • 1A BILLION LIONS - Doomsday Babies4:21
    • 2she drew the gun - Where I End And You Begin2:59
    • 3Skinny Girl Diet - Silver Spoons3:14
    • 4THE HUNNA - You & Me3:01
    • 5ECHOES - Valentine3:43
    • 6Hunter & The Bear - Wounded3:08
    • 7Dorey The Wise - BREAKDOWN3:22
    • 8-King Porter Stomp- - Put Down Your Weapons5:01
    • 9Ciaran Lavery - Okkervil River3:20
    • 10iamvioletskies - Jealousy - Violet Skies3:03
  • Best of April 2016 by Time Out

    This month's playlist is brought to you by Time Out London.

    • 1KodyOfficial - KODY - Anymore4:50
    • 2Emilycapell - Brixton Prison2:27
    • 3I.AM.WILLOW - Satellite4:00
    • 4Broken Witt Rebels - Shake Me Down3:45
    • 5JACKAMAN - NO HALO (On Me)3:49
    • 6Matt Woosey - Hook, Line And Sinker0:30
    • 7Jerry Williams - COLD BEER3:44
    • 8Megan O' Neill - Meet Me In The Middle3:22
    • 9The Carnabys - Is That My Body3:19
    • 10Mollie Marriott - Transformer4:16
  • Best of March 2016 by The Unsigned Music Awards

    The Unsigned Music Awards is the first ever televised awards show dedicated exclusively to unsigned artists. With a voting panel of more than one hundred active music industry professionals, UMA are looking to surface, reward and offer high levels of funding to the best emerging talent in the UK. Applications are open until August 31, 2016.

    • 1Armstrong - Thursday Night Club4:30
    • 2Brother & Bones - 'Omaha'3:55
    • 3Pacific (Official) - Time to Forget4:05
    • 4Tiny Folds - Arcadia3:59
    • 5All Kings And Queens - VOODOO3:27
    • 6Elle Exxe - Home With You *Radio Edit*3:38
    • 7Callum Stewart - Gold3:57
    • 8Zurich - Alone3:20
    • 9HarryPaneMusic - Real Souls3:46
    • 10Forty Four Hours - Difficult3:18
  • Best of February 2016 by National Foundation for Youth Music

    This month we are supporting the charity National Foundation for Youth Music. Youth Music is a national charity investing in music-making projects for children and young people facing challenging circumstances. These challenges include disability, poverty, mental health issues, refugee status or being brought up in care. Projects take place where they're needed most, often in areas of great deprivation. As well as helping young people develop musically, Youth Music projects also improve their personal and social skills, boosting educational and career prospects.

    • 1Nohatsnohoods - Elf Kid - Golden Boy (Mistajam Radio rip)- Produced by Lolingo4:09
    • 2Hub Youth Media - The Truth - Hub Collective3:52
    • 3musicfusionuk - Ella May Payne-Uknown Paradise3:16
    • 4KARRERA - Romeo And Juliet4:25
    • 5Youth Music UK - ArtsTrain Academy - Pyramids2:40
    • 6The Urban Vocal Group - Heal3:50
    • 7Youth Music UK - Urban Vocal Group - Ghostown3:42
    • 8Audio_Active - Masters Of Our Fate3:48
    • 9UProgress - No Alligence 140120152:59
    • 10Estate Of Mind - 4 - C'mon Now Sugar2:51
  • Best of January 2016 by Absolute Radio

    This month's fantastic playlist has been chosen by Danielle Perry - DJ for Absolute Radio and presenter of the 'Sunday Night Music Club Featuring Q' every Sunday at 8pm. Read more here

    • 1Table Scraps - Bad Feeling3:37
    • 2John J Presley - Sweet Superstition4:13
    • 3Gris-de-Lin - BIRTHDAY4:16
    • 4Crystal Moth - Images Of Snow.5:52
    • 5EYRE LLEW - Forali2:58
    • 6Bronze Rat - JOE GIDEON - HEART ATTACK GIRL2:27
    • 7DEAD SONS - Ape Heavy2:23
    • 8James Brute - Again (Again)4:32
    • 9Dios Mio - Proto3:14
  • Best of December 2015 By Marshall Amplification

    Our 'Best of December' playlist selection comes from the legendary maker of amplifiers Marshall.  Check out their favourite 10 bands below.

    • 1Cut Ribbons - Cut Ribbons - Clouds4:05
    • 2Scarletbanduk - Heavy3:26
    • 3The Night Café - Growing Up3:23
    • 4Cavalry - Soak3:59
    • 5The Gospel Youth - EMPIRES3:58
    • 6BLACK HONEY - Black Honey - Corrine2:53
    • 7Thom Byles - The Great Outdoors4:55
    • 8Pacific (Official) - Time to Forget4:05
    • 9True Noir - Creation2:39
    • 10Everything Fundamental - Run2:46
  • Best of November 2015 by Bandcamp

    Bandcamp makes it easy for fans to directly connect with and support the artists they love. They treat music as art, not content, and tie the success of their business to the success of the artists who they serve.  To date, fans have paid artists $127 million using Bandcamp, and $3.7 million in the last 30 days alone!  Read more here

    • 1Alex Burey - Alex Burey - "Inside World"3:40
    • 2Matthew Halsall - 02 As I Walk (feat. Josephine Oniyama)3:29
    • 3Naim Records - ESKA - This Is How A Garden Grows3:52
    • 4thisisthemilk - Darling What's Wrong3:55
    • 5alexchase - Bastien Keb - Down River3:48
    • 6Jack Broadbent - Holdin'3:45
    • 7Patchwork Guilt - Hand Me Downs5:38
    • 8DEEK Recordings - Never - Side By Side2:19
  • Best of October 2015 by Pledge Music

    This month's playlist is brought to you by Pledge Music.  PledgeMusic is an online Direct-to-Fan music platform, launched in August 2009, that facilitates musicians reaching out to their fanbase to pre-sell, market, and distribute music projects including recordings, music videos, and concerts. With PledgeMusic, the fans become part of the music making experience itself, gaining access to exclusive content and seeing Pledger-only updates that give them an insight into the music like never before.

    • 1Telegram. - NEEDLES In The Camel's Eye2:53
    • 2TheGhostRidersInTheSky - Wastelands3:24
    • 3The Lottery Winners - Elizabeth3:20
    • 5FifiRong - Fifi Rong - Next Pursuit (feat. Sadsic)3:02
    • 6Alpha Male Tea Party - Alpha Male Tea Party - Athlete's Face5:54
    • 7Tors - Fool On The Floor3:33
    • 8The King's Parade - Bunched Up Letters3:49
    • 9JATA - Drowning In Your Arms4:27
    • 10PostWarGlamourGirls - Wax Orphans - RADIO EDIT3:28
  • Best of September 2015 by Alice Levine

    This month's playlist is brought to you by BBC Radio 1's Alice Levine.  Alice started with Radio 1 in 2013, co-hosting the 10-12pm weekdays show with Phil Taggart.  She more recently moved to the weekend 1-4pm slot as well as co-presenting a variety of Radio 1’s events such as Big Weekend.

    • 1Tom Misch - Nightgowns (feat. Loyle Carner)2:46
    • 2Life In Film - Anna, Please Don't Go2:50
    • 3Ubiquity - Kinder Girl3:49
    • 4Zara Kershaw - Count The Days3:34
    • 5Dayas - Dayas - You See4:19
    • 6The Watermelons - Bones3:38
    • 7Connie Constance - Connie Constance - Stars3:11
    • 8Harry & the Hendersons - I Robbed A Bank2:48
    • 9HAULA - Darkest Hour3:43
  • Best of August 2015 by The Unsigned Guide

    Since 2003 The Unsigned Guide has been an essential resource for aspiring bands and artists. Their comprehensive directory of the UK music industry contains contacts for everything you could need to get your music career progressing in the right direction; record labels, radio stations, gig promoters, artist managers, venues, festivals, music publishing, producers, studios and much more.

    • 1Kubalove - All I Want3:36
    • 2Basheba - HIGH 'N' DRY3:32
    • 3PopoBawa - Appetite3:23
    • 4Minute Taker - Merge (free mp3 download)3:26
    • 5Flash Bang Band - Art History2:55
    • 6Schnarff Schnarff - DESK4:00
    • 7Dayas - Dayas - You See4:19
    • 8MattGrocott&TheShrives - Turn Me On2:39
    • 9Silent-Party - Silent Party - Remember Your Strategies3:25
  • Best of July 2015 by Jack Savoretti

    july_playlist_buttonThis month's Richer Unsigned playlist is chosen by Jack Savoretti. His most recent album ‘Written In Scars’ debuted at number 12 in the UK charts earlier this year, with sales now approaching 50,000. Jack is playing at a host of UK festivals this summer including Glastonbury, T in the Park and Cornbury.  Take a listen to his 10 favourite Richer Unsigned bands below...

    • 2Glass Ankle - One of Them4:22
    • 3CrookedWeather - The Way Things Go3:30
    • 4Kerensa Mason - Butterfly Clouds2:27
    • 5Demons Of Ruby Mae - Beneath The Surface3:35
    • 6Harry & the Hendersons - I Robbed A Bank2:48
    • 7JACOB RIDDALL - Take Me To The River [FREE DL]3:11
    • 8Gizmo Varillas - Gizmo Varillas - One and Only3:03
    • 9Grace Moon & the Jaguar - 02 Grace Moon & The Jaguar - Drumming3:32
  • Best of June 2015

    june_playlist_buttonThis month's selection of artists have been chosen by Best of British Unsigned's Matt Graveling.  Check out his favourite tracks below. To hear playlists from previous months, other industry guests and high profile artists, use the < and > buttons below the playlist to browse. Happy listening!

    • 1Joint Honours - Blowing Up (Clean)3:38
    • 2Buffalo Huddleston - Sky High (full band)4:30
    • 3NyLon - Forest (Feat. Treeza) Free download link in description3:51
    • 4Mayden HollyWood - Hollywood3:59
    • 5Jordan Burrows - I'll Tell You3:17
    • 6Callista Rouge - The Path3:46
    • 7Adam Double - Weight of Your Love (Live at Phoenix Sound)3:59
  • Best of May 2015

    Our favourite tracks uploaded in the month of May. To hear previous playlists, use the < and > buttons below the playlist to browse. Happy listening!

    • 1Goldbirds - Silver & Gold3:28
    • 2sun tête shoe le card - lost my mind2:35
    • 3Boutique Groove - VsOfficialMusic - SunBathe6:31
    • 4Spiderlili - Thinking Hill Feat.Isotope (Radio Edit)3:22
    • 5Ex Libras - Ex Libras - Underachiever4:33
    • 6rryrry - This is the Salon2:56
    • 7Quiescent_ - QUIESCENT - Take Me Back4:21
    • 8JACOB RIDDALL - Take Me To The River [FREE DL]3:11
    • 9The Watermelons - Bones3:38
    • 10Chris Woolf - Love Song3:23
  • Best of April 2015

    Our favourite 10 tracks uploaded in April.  To hear previous playlists, use the < and > buttons below the playlist to browse. Happy listening!

    • 1runabay - Moon Turns Blue3:55
    • 2Firewoodisland - Molehills3:50
    • 3Aaron Douglas - Aaron Douglas - Shipwrecks (Single Version)4:16
    • 4Danny Landau - '45' Feat Ellie Gaynard3:31
    • 5Winters Island - Ares3:31
    • 6Ayse - . intro...2:07
    • 7Emi McDade - Faith4:43
    • 8GeraintRhys - Geraint Rhys & The Lost Generation - Think Again3:17


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