A message from our CEO

29th March 2021

Dear Musicians,

A short update on live music events now permitted as of 29th March 2021.

  • Wider private music tuition permitted outdoors in addition to indoor provision in specified circumstances.
  • Weddings, wedding receptions, funerals and wakes: Weddings and civil partnership services will no longer be limited to special circumstances, but guest limits will remain. Only six guests are allowed at these services and at wakes. 30 guests are allowed at funerals. Musicians are not included in these guest limits. Wedding receptions are not permitted.

For those who are able to perform at weddings, perhaps this provides some welcomed news.  We will keep you updated on the next round of updates on 12th April.
Stay safe



2nd March 2021

Dear Musicians,

We hope you are managing to stay creative during this very difficult period. Following Boris Johnson’s announcement on 21st February 2021, we have a slightly better idea of when live music can  resume in the UK.  From 17 May, music acts can perform to an audience of up to 1,000 people, or half of a venue’s capacity.  In step four, from 21 June, all limits on socialising should be lifted and at that point live music should be able to resume as it was pre-pandemic.  This is of course all dependent on Covid cases continuing to diminish.  We are very much looking forward to re-opening our live Unsigned Sessions events series as soon as we can.  Until then, here are a few resources you may find useful.

If the pandemic wasn’t enough! The impacts of Brexit on touring artists is now of great concern.  It seems that there wasn’t a great deal of thought about the creative sector when it came to Brexit negotiations, despite creative industries generating £115.9billion to the UK economy in 2019.  A number of campaigns to draw attention to the issue of increased red tape and a  huge rise in touring costs for artists have started, with Elton John grabbing the headlines.  Take a look here.

We will update this page with any further announcements that may prove useful to musicians and the creative sector so stay tuned..



10th January 2021

Dear Musicians,

The pandemic has increased anxiety levels for everyone, so if you are feeling overwhelmed, please know you are not alone. Our friends at The Musicians Union have some useful resources available to help individuals navigate the current landscape from a mental health standpoint.

As well, Help Musicians have a range of funding options available should you be in need of financial assistance during this time. Use their search tool to find the right organisation to help your project.

Musicians would also do well to head over to Arts Council England. In addition to a very robust job board, they have recently reopened its Develop You Creative Practice (DYCP) program for 2020/2021, which aims to “help by supporting research, time to create new work, travel, training, developing ideas, networking or mentoring”. Applicants can apply for grants from £2000 to £10,000.

A great way to stay inspired is drawing inspiration from other artists. Take a look at our collection of YouTube videos from our Melomania sessions which ran over the last few years. There is music from a huge range of genres and it might just be the thing that lends a spark to your imagination. If videos aren’t your thing, then check out the thousands of tracks from artists on our site.

We are still accepting music submissions and encourage you to keep us updated of any new music. If you’d like to add music to your existing profile, simply email enquiries@richerunsigned.com.

Our Spotify playlist is constantly being updated, along with our Artist Of The Week blog, so there has never been a better time to get your music on Spotify and other streaming services. Once we’ve listened (we listen to everything that comes in), if we think it is a good fit, we will share it far and wide!

Stay safe and keep writing,

Rob Lewis