Winston’s Big Brother

Winstons Big Brother is a four piece indie/alternative rock band from Birmingham UK. Duo fronted by Gary Mason and Sean Duggan, Winstons Big Brother has a wide variety of original songs that range from progressive, powerful, bluesy rock, to soft, gentle, acoustic melodies. It is obvious in their sound, these guys are influenced by some of the greatest bands of our time, from The Beatles, Elvis and The Who, to the Kings Of Leon, The Gorillaz and The Smashing Pumpkins. These guys present their music with real passion and energy, and what’s best is there are no egos, just four guys enjoying their time on stage and a great group of friends sharing a musical journey together.

Winstons Big Brother is based in the West Midlands, but they have performed all over the UK, and have fans all over the world thanks to their online success. They have reached the spot of number one indie band not only in the West Midlands but the whole of the UK on ReverbNation, performed live on FM radio, locally, nationally, and internationally on stations in the States, and the Far East. But this band is all about their live performance! It is clear when you see Winstons Big Brother on stage, the band is there to have a good time, and to get the crowd to enjoy their time watching WBB. The band always encourages dancing, screaming and general noise making! WBB have a motto of, “We are all here for a good time, let’s enjoy it together”.

Winstons Big Brother was founded by front man Gary Mason in the summer of 2012. From here he went on to build the band and find the perfect members with the dedication and passion needed to make a real good rock ‘n’ roll band. After some searching he came across bassist Mark Flight. At the time Mark wasn’t a bassist, he played piano and was a good musician, and was very dedicated to the ideals of WBB. Gary saw he had the right temperament to move forward with the band and he was instantly part of it! From here, a drummer was needed. WBB put ads up online and was contacted by many people, but there was one guy who stood out from the crowd, that guy was Tom Johnson. After seeing him drum, WBB knew straight away this was the guy for the band! Not only was he an amazing drummer, but also holds a diploma in piano playing! An amazing musician all round, a lucky find! Of course, we are missing out Sean Duggan, front man and lead guitarist of WBB. Tom, Gary and Mark, had known Sean for a while, and he had supported Winstons Big Brother many times as a solo acoustic act. He always performed with energy, passion, and musical ability that was way beyond his years! WBB knew he was interested in being part of the band, so asked him if he would like to step in as second front man, and he of course, accepted the invite. From there WBB became the four piece they are known as today, and since then have continued to entertain audiences all over the country, write and record amazing original material, and gather an awesome following known as ‘The Brotherhood’. This isn’t just a band, it’s a movement, a group of people sharing a common interest in music and having a good time, and this is what music is all about.

Winstons Big Brother have recently been featured on a TV show called SoundCheck, where they were the featured artist for the show, performed live acoustic sets on local FM radio, won many Battle of the Bands competitions including ‘Rock the House’ where they could be performing at the Houses of Parliament in front of MPs and industry professionals. These guys have some great potential, an unbelievable amount of energy, and a passion for their music that hasn’t been seen for a long time. This is real, clean, fun, energetic rock ‘n’ roll, make sure you come out and see these guys! It’s a gig you’ll never forget!!