Will Hessey

email: willhessey@gmail.com

History: Will Hessey is an English musician and singer/songwriter. Primarily a guitarist, Will also plays bass guitar, drums, keyboard, and anything he can force a note out of! With over 15 years experience of live performances and recording sessions he has developed the ability to write in a wide variety of styles including; rock, blues, pop, funk, acoustic. As well as a solo artist, Will also plays guitar in rock/pop band “Dukes of New York”

Where they’ve been: The Dukes have played festivals and gigs around the UK, including the much-acclaimed Willow Festival (Peterborough) in summer 2014 and Whatfest 2008/9 (Cheshire). In former guises Will has performed as far afield as Cornwall and Italy. He has also enjoyed radio play locally and outside the UK, featured on various US radio stations over Christmas 2013. They were thrilled to appear on an Electric Six track “Karate Lips”, featured on their 2014 album “Human Zoo”, as this band is one of their major influences.

Latest release: The Dukes latest single – “Nails” was released in October 2015. As co-songwriter, Will again combines his lyrical observations on life with guitar work to match the spirit of the song – in parts with a driving riff, in others with lightness, matching the light and dark undercurrents of the song. Will has so far released 2 solo EP’s, “Will Hessey”, and “Just Real Good”, with some more releases due for 2016.