Why Fox, Why?

Los Angeles 1979.
A young Electronic Pimp was treading the boards as a wannabe actor and budding musician, work was scarce and times were hard, the local strip club and transvestite scene provided pimp with occasional work (including weddings, and the opening of the very first Cash Converters store) but work soon dried up and pimp hit the bottle..HARD, life was passing the budding youngster by until a chance meeting in a downtown L.A alley with Phil Collins…

Collins had recognised Pimp from a 1976 tour where he had supported Peter Frampton, seeing that the kid had some talent, Collins suggested that they got together to create some magic in the studio.
Early studio sessions were productive, even including an early version of future Phil Collins classic ‘Another Day In Paradise’ but alas things wern’t to be..
Sometime around july 1982 something went wrong, Pimp’s behaviour became erratic and at sometimes bizzare (Pimp would insist that Phil was to not only record each drum sound individually, but also the sound from each swipe of the drumstick through the air) Collins blamed Pimp’s new found friendship with Nik Kershaw (Pimp denied that Kershaw had anything to do with his mental state,although a Daily Mail exclusive showing Pimp, Kershaw and an un-named Columbian ‘having fun’ would suggest otherwise), none the less Collins split and Pimp flew back to England.
The 90’s were a harsh time for Electronic Pimp as very little people were either interested or supportive enough to offer him any work, seen as as a washed up relic, Pimp was happy for anything thrown at him.
When Channel 4 approached Pimp to front a new friday night chatshow described as ‘wacky funster T.V’, he jumped at he chance and the show kick started Pimp’s career, ratings went through the roof, Pimp was the poster boy to the 90’s generation, Tony Blair’s Labour adopted Electronic Pimp song ‘Things Arn’t Gonna Get Worse’ as their political anthem, times were indeed good for the boy wonder.
April 1999.
After a trip to Bolivia where Pimp became the unlikely star of the Bolivian version of ‘I’m a Celebrity..’, Pimp returned to England…
Whether it was a lapse in bio security or not, the fact was that somewhere along the line a foreign parasite had made it’s way into the country, crops and livestock were wiped out, farms, communities and families were destroyed.
Accepting blame for the events, Pimp set up the ‘Farm Aid trust’, leading to the super-event ‘Farm Aid’ at the Carrow Road stadium, Norwich, acts such as Mel C, Shed Seven and Lou Bega wowed the crowds, Pimp decided enough was enough.
Several years past without even a sighting of the once mighty Electronic Pimp until a charity event held by ex England cricketer Andy Caddick provided the comeback gig that the world never though they would see, The Pimp was back and not prepared to let this oppertunity slip through his grasp again!
Electronic Pimp is still available for Weddings, Agricultural shows, Sports days and Funerals.

‘Basszilla’ Electronic Pimp is a one man bass demon, literally destroyed the county of Cumbria, as well as ill advised trips to pastures greener…