Vanity Pages

Quietly constructed in a historic mill long fallen into disrepair, in the centre of the former cottonopolis, in the new day of the selfie, of the networking, of the touchscreen, of the twisted online projection of the individual, Vanity Pages was born.

Vanity Pages are an Indie-pop or Indie-folk band based in Manchester.

Main point of reference is Indie-Pop or Indie-Pop Folk, however, we have many different musical satellites orbiting our little world. Our intention is to make every song we play different and therefore sourced from a wider source of influences. A country & western tinged foot-stomper? a Heavy Blues inspired tub thumper? Upbeat 60’s pop with a Classical Violin melody? These are all tunes currently residing within the Vanity Pages canon waiting to explode into your ear canals.

Vanity Pages are:

Rog Hildreth – voice/guitar
Sean Holman – viola
Matt Rose – guitar
George Walker – drums
Graeme Whyte – bass