Valentino is Dead

VALENTINO IS DEAD is an edgy new three-piece rock band from east coast Ireland that play music that matters.

Their raison d’être is simple – write meaningful songs wrapped with punchy guitars, pounding drums and coated with catchy melodies.

Driven by a desire to shout about the “f**ked up state of things” and pulling no punches in the process VALENTINO IS DEAD wear their hearts on their sleeves and deliver with attitude.

No strangers to the music scene, long-time friends Keith Smith, Boey and Trev Clarke have cut their teeth in other bands over the years so VALENTINO IS DEAD is the culmination of their combined experiences and hunger to stir things up and take risks in an all too often ‘safe’ music scene.

Preproduction for their self-titled debut album began in late 2010 and is scheduled for release later in 2011. ‘This City Tonight’ is the first song to be taken from the new album and it sets the tone for what will be a momentous debut.

If good songs are the life-blood of any band then this is gonna be a bloodbath!