With the self deprecating reputation of a trouble maker and a heartbreaker, his songs tell of his struggle with being mean to women and regretting it later when he is lonely. Trudy may have coined the genre ‘trash pop’ as his own, but it is packaged with an approachable ‘boy next door’ feel. Adoring 1950’s Pop love songs, Trudy is a naive hopeless romantic, always falling short of the mark.

Riddled with snaky tremolo vibes, little miss heartbreak has gotten to Trudy bad. He is just a boy with a man’s guitar, loving all the wrong girls, for all the wrong reasons. Trudy has been broken ever since his first love frenched another guy. Heart shattered, aged 15, Trudy then knew the true meaning of being blue.

It is well-known amongst Trudy aficionados that he is an admirer of Django Reinhardt’s guitar playing and Jonathan Richman’s inimitable childlike writing. Trudy is also influenced by morbid love and the untidiness that follows him around.

Trudy’s first release ‘All My Love’ is rumoured to have been written whilst crying in his garden shed. Neighbours would issue noise complaints, however police would favour Trudy and in-fact turn him up.

The voice of the kids, if they did but know it.

Quote “Never boring, never disappointing, makes you laugh and cry in equal measure, lovely stuff” Grandma Irene. It is clear that soulful, youthful Trudy has a lot more to show the world.