Tiga Maine

The Story Of Tiga Maine
Hustle Never Stops
1. Talent And A Dream
-Tiga Maine is a singer, rapper, producer, song-writer, video editor, fashion model, promoter & actor. Tiga has come along
the way.
Born in 1997 in a rural area, he never gave up on his dream to be known worldwide. ”Everyone in my friend zone had a
talent for music, acting, promoting, modeling and editing.
2. Tiga Maine Followed His Dream
-Tiga bought a condense mic and learned to use it. He spent a lot of time recording all his songs in a small room. This
Determined kid then went to an internet and found the names of record labels and radio stations. He emailed his music to
The record labels and radio stations. Some labels rejected his music and some radio stations complained about the quality
of his songs. But he never gave up on his career.
3. Tiga Maine Did Not Give Up
-Tiga was not going to give up.in 2015 he decided to release his mixtape titled I’m the hustler for real, in 2016 he also
Decided to release another mixtape titled Celly’iLife Faw Real but he failed because of money and he was depressed.
He started to work on his mixtape titled Road 2 Da Riches featured some international artists such as ROBNORI (Los
Angeles, California), Liam (Okinawa, Japan), Dramatized Da True Steppa (Dallas, Texas).Producers such as Skynny Double Y,
Young Goku Beats, Akitak Beats, Street Carnivore Beats, Motif Alumni & Teesy Beats offered him some banging beats.
4. Tiga Maine Took Over
-He has performed in different events and tours. He has fans all over the country and overseas. ”My music is for everyone
Including genders, ages and races,” he said. “Everybody can dance to my music and sing along with it. His music was
Playlisted on Venrap Radio, Hillbrow Radio, Tucradio and other radio stations. he was televised on where is the beef
(Channel 265, Gau Tv). He met iFani at Risa and started to explain his self to iFani. He entered competitions like Vuzu
Hustle & Jack Daniels Music Scout.
5. Tiga Maine Gives Back To The Community
-Tiga Maine’s life has been very busy and every happy. He has helped other rappers and singers to record their music in his
Studio and he still performs and makes his own singles. Some of his friends are in the music industry but they don’t want to
Help the kid to make it in the industry. Tiga Maine has everything but he still remains humble.
Contact Details:
Facebook Page: Tiga Maine SA
Facebook Acc.: Tiga Maine SA
Twitter Handle: @TigaMaine
Instagram Handle: @Tiga_Maine_SA
Whatsapp Tens: 079 706 2483
Cell No.: 072 419 1089