Thom Morecroft

“Outstanding songs – very powerful.” Paul Du Noyer (ex-editor of NME, Q, Mojo and Word Magazine)

“An urgent, energetic performance that holds your attention throughout and leaves you reaching for the replay button.” Tom Robinson, BBC6

“An amazing voice.” Owen Jones, The Independent

Thom Morecroft, a Shropshire-born musician based in the north-west, is somewhat short in stature but certainly big-on-voice. His powerful vocals, ultra-likeable demeanour, charm-inducing live rapport and well-crafted songs have earned him a solid local reputation and national radio play. Both solo or with a band behind him, the 23-year-old is something of an unkempt force.

His music has been featured four times on the BBC Radio 6 Introducing Mixtape, hosted by veteran singer-songwriter Tom Robinson, with one song ‘Sexy Shade of Sunburn’ specifically singled out by the ‘Glad To Be Gay’ writer for its replay-ability. Thom was also listed as one of 19 acts given by Robinson and his team as BBC6 ‘picks’ for 2013.

Locally, he received three wins in the grassroots 2014 Liverpool Musicians’ Awards for Best Male Artist, Best Album and Best Acoustic Band. He has determinedly sought to help promote fellow artists in Liverpool through running and hosting nights such as the Parr Street Acoustic Sessions at Studio 2.

Having independently (and some would say quietly) released two albums, one might almost mistake Morecroft for being keen to up his game in the coming year; to support big-name artists, to gig further afield, and to acquire two sacred blessings: a good manager and a solid booking agent.