The Mighty Bard

Originally formed by Neil Cockle and Dave Clarke (respectively of Starlight Cruiser, Silmarillion, The Negatives, The White Lines, Deja Vu, Friday and Grounded, Late) in 2004, to showcase their original compositions, the collaboration has produced a range of classic rock songs, such as Blue God, Heart of the Strangelove and I Know, melodic ballads like Maybe, and Compound the Problem, and the emotive and powerful No Flesh is the New Dream.

The band comprises Mark Cadman (Bass), Dave Clarke (Guitars), Neil Cockle (Keyboards), Mark Parker (Violin, Backing Vocals), Andy Dovey (Drums), and Gavin Webb (Lead Vocals).

The Mighty Bard hopes to consolidate its position throughout 2014, demonstrating the range and power of the songs, and build an audience that has the same deep love for the genre as they do.

Our first Album should be released in in August 2014. Final tracks are being recorded at the moment