The Silence

THE SILENCE are a four piece rock/pop band, from Durham in North East England. Led by the fierce and sassy Livvy Griffiths, she fronts the band with energy and power; her style, charisma and talent having been fine-tuned in the tough working mens clubs of the North East. Think of a 17yld old version of Blondie-meets-Gwen-Stefani and you will be on the right tracks. With Gary Johnson on guitar, Liam Slack playing bass and Livvy’s brother Max Griffiths behind the drums, THE SILENCE has delivered edgy and hooky music alongside outstanding performances since their inception. The band has an ear for the golden seam that makes a really catchy song, and their upcoming release ‘Barriers’ is no exception. An uplifting yet melancholic mix of pop/rock at its finest, the energy endemic of THE SILENCE is exhibited with passion and confidence. Lyrically, Livvy truly delivers from the heart and the band punch musically with their soul.