The Lotus

The live acts of The Lotus are not only entertaining. They are catching, amazing and intriguing!
The ability to find the right sounds and to create elaborate melodies is what gets The Lotus’ audience into an inner journey. Rarefied and psychedelic atmospheres and impulsive explosions of groove and aggressiveness alternate each other.
Who already appreciates bands such as Faith No More, Muse, Pink Floyd and Metallica cannot show indifference towards the unique mixture of The Lotus.
This music doesn’t put sound limits to its listeners, so it becomes the centre of an emotional sharing for the most varied audience.
Since the year the musicians met (2005), The Lotus has been working on its own sounds in order to get it riper.
In 2010 the first album Forgotten Silence was published.
The band is currently composed of Rox Capriotti (vocals & keyboards), Luca De Falco (guitar), Kristal Cross (synths & programming), and Marco Lanciotti (drums).
In June 2013 they released the EP named Tomorrow and the videoclip for the single Why Are Still We Living in the Yesterdays? .
Their first publication was very well-acclaimed by the local and foreign presses. However, the new Tomorrow does not aim to maintain its stylistic continuity. At this time it approaches new experimental ways, which are going to catch both the music lovers’ attention and everybody’s inner tastes and spontaneousness.
After exactly 2 years, The Lotus released their third work called “Awakening”: a progressive ambient cinematic and psychedelic odyssey into the fears of the human brain.

R o x C a p r i o t t i – vocals, keyboards
L u c a D e F a l c o – guitars
K r i s t a l C r o s s – keyboards, programming, back.vocals
M a r c o L a n c i o t t i – drums