The Graceland Conspiracy

The Graceland Conspiracy
Elvis, Aliens, JFK, Area 51, Princess Di – they are all former members of this band.
The current line up is Crooksy and Wilki who look after the manifesto and black ops respectively. Chuck in some guitars, piano, FX and misery to get the general vibe. General Vibe left the band recently to pursue a solo career (loser). He was replaced by Doom and Gloom who brought a sweet pop sensibility to proceedings before being fired for wearing leather trousers and sunglasses INDOORS. Preppers beware it could happen to you too. They’re another shower – never trusted them. Springsteen also, same ACT for 30 plus years aiming for Norman Wisdoms record, you will never crack Albania not on my watch.
Like Roy Walker we come from Belfast – its good but its not right.
Oscar Wilde once wrote, we play music so that’s a bit different from him but he might like some of our stuff if he wasn’t dead, who knows? You might like it too, we mix things up to keep us interested, we are chaos. Have been since before 2013 but then it became official. We love being told what to do and making powerful enemies when we don’t, everyone needs a hobby right? We made a recording with Edelle McMahon recently we wanted it to be quite beautiful and it is. Our other songs are faster and slower than it, with different notes and other words, call us old fashioned but we are just old fashioned that way.
I promise you wont like us on facebook because its as self serving as we are – all conspiracies are. We have twitter @grace_cons cos we (fill in appropriate lie here).
Or try its your best bet at some semblance of the ordinary, in a regimented formulated kind of music industry way.