The Blinding Lights

Freehold, NJ, is a long way from Harrow, a small borough in North-West London. But that didn’t stop three brothers being swept up by the story of the rock ‘n’ roll force of nature that is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band; a story that made them dream. Growing up 40 years later, raised on the unadulterated, raw energy of 50s rock’n’roll, the euphoric pop hooks of 60s rhythm and blues, and the emotive range and power of 70s classic rock, they developed a belief in the possibilities of mainstream rock music; its ability to impassion, to excite, to anger and fundamentally, to make you feel. The Blinding Lights combine these influences alongside their belief in the power of live music to define their unique, fun, modern, British Rock‘n’Pop sound.
Like many rock pianists before him, Callum started out as a classically trained piano player before being swayed by the sheer intensity and scope of the music of Roy Bittan, Little Richard and Billy Joel. Likewise, Jack’s beginnings as a saxophone player in a Dixieland jazz band were soon blown apart by the pull of the guitar. The sight of Nils Lofgren tearing up Because The Night while doing a front-flip in Giants’ Stadium is enough to keep a Telecaster in your arms for life. Theo’s not one to be left behind, and soon enough he had drumsticks in hand and was pounding out the solid beats of Ringo Starr and Charlie Watts, powerhouse players that know how to use their drumkit; simple, solid, strong.
First and foremost music fans, they love playing and love playing live. Between them they have a wealth of musical training and experience, thousands of hours of practice and a deep well of knowledge to draw on, from Cole Porter to Avenged Sevenfold, Ray Charles to The Gaslight Anthem.