The huge many faceted sound of a virtuously played hurdy-gurdy with effect pedals, fierce yet tender vocals, floaty whistles, massive drone bass & field recordings seamlessly combine with industrial-techno beats in an utterly captivating show.
Formed by currently London based multi-instrumentalists Eugene and Paul in 2008, they have released four albums to date and have performed hundreds of shows.

Featured on BBC 2, BBC 3 and BBC 6

“Watch out for: tAngerinecAt. This is some of the most powerful music I have heard in a long time, and holds a message too. They manage a real art; creating sound which people enjoy; difficult to believe there were only two musicians on stage.”

“Tangerinecat started with a super-loud electronic bass loop. They did four or five songs, long droning pieces based on loops with flute, hurdy-gurdy and vocals on top. It worked. Eugene is a fantastic singer, a ranter and belter with occasional glassware-shattering screams. As abrasive noise went, I liked them a whole lot.” – ROCKNERD

“Always a pleasure to have these guys back.. if you haven’t already seen them, you need to!” – Nicholas Quirk, Entertainment/Venue Manager at Hope and Anchor London, Managing Director at Gestalt Productions, A&R and Showcases manager at X Phonics Music, Former Freelance Journalist at The Skinny Magazine

“Tangerinecat exploded into my world and I’m a happier man for it! Awesome energy and multidisciplinary. Myself and the team at New Art Exchange really appreciated your work.”
– Jason Pollitt‎, NEW ART EXCHANGE

“Truly stunning performance. I really hope Instigate Arts and Tangerinecat get to work together again soon!”
– Anne Louise Kershaw, Co-Director/Owner at Instigate Arts, Former Arts & Music Editor at manchestersfinest.com

“I’ve been playing it all week and loving it. I was listening to Under the Pavement radio and they interviewed tAngerinecAt, and I was very moved actually. Every so often you hear a piece of music and it just stops you in your tracks, well by all manner with that one, with innovation, and it’s sound, and it’s lyrics, it’s just quite moving.”
– REBEL ARTS / RADIO, Cambridge

“It just blew everyone away, I was stunned in there and I was like gob smacked cos it was so atmospheric and so meaningful and they were really into it and I look forward to getting them in.”
– Liz Jenkins, Presenter of The Northern Side, BCB 106.66 fm

“You were absolutely brilliant, so captivating! Comment from one of our volunteers “I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage”. Thanks so much for coming and sharing your creativity with us.”
– LADYFEST Manchester

“This is the only thing that I want to listen at this moment.”

“With such disparate influences, it’s rather difficult to pin this down to a particular genre.”
– FRESH ON THE NET (Fresh Faves), The Von Pip Musical Express

“They played a terrific set of electro hurdy gurdy rock,with tin whistles added to the mix.
Pretty unique,I must say-check ’em out …”