Sweet Little Machine


Straight from the steel mill town of Sheffield, England comes the rock revolution known as SWEET LITTLE MACHINE. This hard hitting band of four, three lads, and one lass, serves up a bitter driving taste of the hardships of life in a northern town. Born from the same streets as the Arctic Monkeys, Def Leppard, Human League, Heaven 17, Joe Cocker, Thompson Twins and around the Globe. Their credo of songs finds a tight bond with the youth that has risen up everywhere. The frustrations and dissatisfaction with the worlds status quo is so perfectly voiced by this group that is barely out of school! Songs like “DISASTER STREET”, “SAVE OUR BONES” and “LIL BASTARD” show that SWEET LITTLE MACHINE speaks if the angst that is best voiced by those who actually live it.

The Sheffield Scenester reports hearing during one of their “triumphant shows”, “Green day, Oasis and the Buzzcocks in their music” … not bad company to be compared to! The local press has called their music “pure genius”, “a brilliant array of well-structured chords”, “a blazing trail of hard and fast riffs” and “leaving you lusting for more!”, while others said that SWEET LITTLE MACHINE “grab you by the balls and run away with them”. After playing more than 30 gigs up and down the country in their first year alone, planning to build on that figure in the coming year, their commitment to playing resulted in a sold out show at the Sheffield venue Corporation, returning again in January to a crowd just as crazy.

While also being constantly played on radio stations up and down the UK, SWEET LITTLE MACHINE have been nominated for and won various awards, including being nominated for Best Live band in Sheffield, and Best Song on the radio show Mix tape live.

With Alex Lantrua – Kissack on Vocals and guitar, Adam Mintram, Guitar and vocals, Lucie Patrick, Bass and vocals and Joel Elsom on the Drums, these four serve up the kind of driving rhythms and hook driven melodies that draw a direct line to the Clash and Sex Pistols at their most powerful.

Britannia rules the waves again! With SWEET LITTLE MACHINE leading the revolution!