Summernightbrand Record Sales Office


my name is Pierre Rausch. I am from Luxembourg, 33 years old and I am the owner of Summernightbrand Record Sales Office.

I started early with music, but really got into it at High School and University. I visited some courses of Guitar & Vocals, but essentially I taught me a lot of things on my own. This is how I made my first setps into the music business : learning to play chords and arpeggio.

Soon, I began writing my own songs. Grown into interest by the upcoming Casting Shows in 2002, I always wanted to compete in one of those. So I tried to cover bands like Radiohead or Ben Harper, but although Muse or Placebo. In my songwriting I tried to sound in a classic way, so that can be fit with strings ; my songs are adapted to acoustic guitar.

By 2006, I was ready to get started. Along some part-time jobs, I made it with street music, essentially in Luxembourg, but although in Germany or Netherlands. In the street I created some solo parts that I integrated into the existing songs, but although wrote some new songs.

I recorded my first albums with MP3-Payers and let them register with SACEM Luxembourg, but had although Tunecore as partners on side. The artwork I did all by myself. Along these target missions, I managed to compete at Castings in Germany, but although in Luxembourg. For shows like DSDS, Tvtotal and a Luxembourg format « Wannst de eppes kannst », I got spotted on TV for several times, unfortunately messing up doing my stuff. I was too nervous because of some stage-fright, in particular. This got treated with the help of the Gernan Psychologist Tom Bohne.

After these casting apparitions, I opened my own commerce, Summernightbrand Record Sales Office, to negotiate music licensing with SACEM Luxembourg and Tunecore. With SRSO, I established internet sites, like my own homepage, social network sites, A&R or label sites, or sites that simply offer opportunites to send your music by submission. This is not the only work that got done with SRSO, as new albums got recorded, my tabs translated in several languages and some lyrics got passed to poem sites on the internet. New recordings are planned as of late for right now, but although new live sets in street precinct.

Considering artists helping artists :
I think that we grow into an established business, in which the prior generation set standards for how to handle situations. The stakes are pretty high, considering artists working together. The internet sets the right standards for this, with like buttons on Facebook, or ollowing possiblilities on Myspace Twitter etc. … Working together is important for all of us, you can learn so many chords from other artists, it’s not just covering a friend, it’s about improving your own skills !