Stroke Of Luck

‘Stroke of Luck are my musical find of the year’ – Brennig Jones, Guardian Music

‘Straight rock infused with melancholic introspection and gritty vocals, Stroke Of Luck connect with their audience and give so much energy to their performance’ – Majick Music Group

The achingly soulful voice of front-man Steve Knight soars over bittersweet backing, commanding and sculpting emotion with astonishing confidence and maturity at the helm of Oxford based indie-rock outfit Stroke of Luck.

Stroke of Luck beautifully create passion and energy in swelling compositions of soaring piano, driving percussion and choppy guitar. With echoes and hints of The Clash, Radiohead, Mumford & Sons, Einaudi, Tribes and Bastille to name but a fistful; and a trail of energetic live shows across London and Oxford; Stroke of Luck have been gathering followers and momentum with no intention of slowing down.