Hello and Welcome to Soundcloud page of Duncan J. White Productions inc stick @ it records.

Set up in 2007, but officially launched in 2010, Duncan J. White Productions inc. Stick @ It Records produce music under two names – Stickman and Duncan J. White.

We are always seeking companies who could use music in their projects – confident that our tracks could also suit TV/Film, advertising campaigns, short films, video presentations etc. Our music would also suit DJ playlists and radio airplay.

Please grab a champagne cocktail at the bar and make yourself at home, turn up the volume, invite the neighbours and have a dance. Whilst you are here, please take a moment to have a look around, read my biography and blogs and enjoy listening to our tracks. Please be sure to come back, admission is free and our virtual club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.