Sound Mirrors

The album, spacerocketsandsunshine, Out now!

Songs about space rockets and sunshine, played by misfits, for desperate optimists.

Sound Mirrors is a six-piece, sunshine pop and indie psych collective, built around brilliant songs. Sound Mirrors combines classic song-writing with a wall-of-sound approach, Hammond organ, powerhouse drums, five part vocal attack, awkward, unlikely but highly theatrical, with an electric stage presence. Even in those sombre moments, there is a beauty and a joy in the act of sharing. Here comes the sunshine!

Rico – vox, harmonica, percussion, theremin.
Theo – guitars.
Patch – bass / vox.
JP- drums / vox.
Adam – Hammond / vox.
Jeanette – vox.

Artists we also like

The Association, The Millennium, Fingersnap, Woodkid, Matthew E. White, Anna Calvi, Bon Iver, The Decemberists, Elbow, John Grant, Jonathan Wilson, Beach Boys, The Low Anthem, The Polyphonic Spree, Sigur Rós, Phil Spector, Flaming Lips, Pretty Things, Duncan Browne, Bowie.