Sound Marshals

With a fresh new sound, characterised by deep grooves, eerie guitar riffs and distinctive lyrics that will etch themselves on the inside walls of your brain, the SOUND MARSHALS epitomise the best of Manchester music and culture.

This upcoming three-piece specialise in infectious rhythms and anthemic ethereal rock. Their music distills the essence of the best 80’s and 90’s indie music, but combines all influences into their own undeniably unique style.

“Indie-genius, full of fat guitars, awesome beats and a bass that could pump the Thames dry…. Manchester should be proud of the Sound Marshals”- the

“The driving rock of ‘Lunatic’ is impressive, building in ethereal, quieter moments to great effect alongside some well timed strings. There’s an epic feel to ‘Serotonin’ even though it’s no longer than the other tracks on here, but it’s another exemplary performance…
…’Itchin’ is a jangly ballad where the guitars cascade beneath the appealing vocal skills of Chris Cox. He’s a brilliantly capable singer with shades of an early Guy Garvey and a soulful, almost flawless timbre.”– Manchester music

“Sound Marshals wear their hearts firmly on their sleeves and there’s nothing remotely pretentious about this… the songs are memorable and unlike many demos I hear, they’ll definitely be making the big leap from business to pleasure by going on my iPod. Their name might be rubbish but their music certainly isn’t.” – Sandman Magazine

“(sound marshals) are increasingly winning people over with their “melodic indie-rock-pop…it is a sound that will always have fans and rightly so – when it’s done as well as Sound Marshals do it, it is a treat.” – BBC Manchester Introducing