Harry Cracknell

Singing Tutor i​n collaboration with Fine Tuning is the only "Finishing School" programme for musicians and has been developed using the same successful and pioneering method that people such as Berry Gordy introduced in the days of Motown. We take a raw and talented musician of any age and through our programme, develop that individual into a professional recording and performing artist equipped and capable of succeeding in the modern music Industry.

Singers and Musicians can receive professional singing & instrumental tuition, media and industry training/contacts, website/social media design, promotional photography and videography, image/style guidance and access to top songwriters, rehearsal space and recording studios.

The beauty of this programme is that it is completely individual to each person. Whether you are a complete beginner who just wants to learn a new instrument as a hobby or an experienced and established artist or band looking to record and promote yourself, we can help.