I’m Evie, I’m 15 and from Worcestershire in the U.K.
I started writing music after a long time of having difficulties with communication, because I realised that it is a solid form of conveying how you feel without having to give up your sanity.

As a result of this, the rush that music gives me is something that I would love to give others.

I go by the name of shadowlad as a musician because I have always felt drawn to the concept of light and reflection and shadow, and they have a large impact on my mood; therefore my music.

I’m currently working as an independent solo artist, I have one completed album and I will be releasing it at some point.

The album art was drawn by Oscar Boyle, and all my songs have been recorded and mastered by Oscar Featherstone.

If you wish to contact me, my email address is
I also have Facebook and Twitter. 🙂