“We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward and understand why and how we came to be who we are today” SANKOFA

After being taken under the wing of local Vinyl Label, Eighties Vinyl Records, the band released a 7″ Single and a 10″ EP in the last 18 months. Psychedelic poster [Hendrix, Cream] and LP sleeve [The Beatles, Rolling Stones] design legend John Van Hamersveld designed the 10″ sleeve after hearing the tracks which reminded him of the Avalon Ballroom in 1967.
Known as Liverpools most prized possession, Sankofa bring you a mix of 60s Blues and Psych with menacing guitars and Ste Walls vocals towering above some heavy riffs as the dark narrative lyrics bring 1920s Blues right up-to-date. Tales of luxury and the waste of materials, plus the hypocrisy of some, show we still live in an era of troubled society.
Recently the bands maturity and ability has been recognized and highlighted with headline gigs for Liverpool Sound City, The International Guitar Festival, Oxjam and Liverpool Music Week.