Rick Tucker & ADIKTIVE

Rick Tucker & ADIKTIVE are a Singer Songwriter & Producer duo from Colchester.


RICK TUCKER has written songs for most of his life and has finally decided, after working for 30 years in the field of mental health, to bring them to life with this production. A listener of music since a young child, a former bass player with the punk band The Users and a solo performer over the years at open mic nights, Rick has developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of modern music across all genres, which is reflected in his song writing style and skill. These evocative, thoughtful songs are a result of a lifetime’s experience and reveal the range of emotions that, although personal, are of such a universal quality that anyone can identify with them.


ADIKTIVE (Adika J Paton), born in Nottingham in 1988, first got into music when given a guitar for his 8th birthday and soon taught himself to play various instruments before progressing to programming and sequencing. He moved to London, aged 17, to study music technology, then developed his engineering skills working in a studio. Focusing on his own production, he started his own studio at Rising Tide, a company that has helped develop many producers/musicians such as Labrinth, Mac 1, among others. It was here that he met music journalist and manager Paul Ryan, who took an interest in his work and became his manager.