Pen Pushas

Pen Pushas is a rap group of two hard working and passionate individuals, Paul Karsen and Pablo Bello. Paul Karsen is a 29-year-old who’s hunger and passion is felt through his music. His punchlines and double meanings makes his music stand out among today’s new school .His drive is unmatched, he’s overcome the odds and kept fighting. From being homeless, being in jail, to following his dreams and never giving up, he defines what it means to be a true underdog.
Pablo Bello is a 30-year-old with the same make up as Paul. He brings a different style that compliments Paul’s aggressiveness to create a special group. Pablo’s delivery, hunger and passion are illustrated and felt in his voice and shown in his command when riding the beat. He has overcome a lot in life and has taken his life experiences and incorporated it in his music. From being homeless, loosing a full scholarship and doing time in jail, nothing has derailed him and he continues to grind it out.
They currently reside in Boston, Ma.They grew up together and have been best friends since their early childhood. Paul Karsen would always come by Pablo’s dorm room with his book of rhymes and share his music. Eventually Pablo joined and they formed Pen Pushas.
Pen Pushas has been working and putting a lot of time in the studio to release timeless music. They are currently working on their group project. It will be followed with their solo projects.The grind never stops.There are those who wait for something to happen and those who go and make it happen. Pen Pushas represent that person who goes out and works for everything they want in life.