Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry are a Sheffield based Pop group.


Unapologetic or tequila crafted pop. However you describe it, Sour Cherry is pop music at its very best. Their songs are catchy, with a message and a sense of humour we can all relate to, through their commentary on young people’s life experience. They are totally committed to their musicality and lyrics and that comes across when they are playing live and – as seasoned live performers – they like to make it fun.


The band consists of:
Kortni (Sour Cherry).     Kortni, accomplished vocalist and chief song writer to date, tells stories based on her life experiences. Some are funny (You Sing and Poor Again); others have a more serious message (Superstar). Her very first song Butterfly, written at the tender age of 16, is still a great favourite with the fans.

Jamie (bass guitar).     Founder member of the band with Kortni, been involved right from the very start. A bit of a ladies man, loves to entertain on stage and always up for a photo opportunity. Dedicated, the band is his life.

Aidan (guitar).     Joined the band about 2 years ago and became an immediate hit with the fans with his good looks and amazing solos. He is the techno boffin, so solves any technical issues. Playing guitar is his craft.

Tony (drummer percussion).     Our most recent addition, Tony has only been with the band for 10 months but has fitted in like a hand in glove and he has enhanced the overall sound. Talented and a perfectionist.


Sour Cherry have grown in popularity since their inception nearly three years ago, advancing from early days playing small gigs in pubs to sold out gigs at the O2, Leadmill and Plug in Sheffield. Their social media is strong and their fan base continues to grow. They know how important their fans are, naming some of their younger fans ‘little cherries’. All the band love to perform live and are never camera shy, and they love nothing more than shooting a video. They now have 2 “You Sing” and the more recent “High” on their Youtube channel.