New three-piece project Pace drop their debut track – the piano driven, Bernard Butler produced ‘Heartbeat’ *Track Of The Day on Clash.

After spending this year in rehearsal rooms and recording studios across London, the group have finished honing a string of classic pop songs and announce themselves to the scene with this melody rich debut.

‘Heartbeat’ was produced by renowned producer and taste maker
Bernard Butler. A fan of the project after being handed some early demos, Butler and Pace singer Eden forged a partnership in the studio, working on a number of tracks together since the beginning of the year.

Bernard said: “I heard Eden’s voice and loved the English baritone quality to it along with his open hearted songs.”

The piano driven tune is modern, but instantly memorable and is one for lovers of melodic pop with punchy guitars and captivating vocals. All this is underpinned beautifully by rich string arrangements.

Eden said: “Heartbeat is a song that captures life in your 20s. It’s a mixture of heartache, growing up, good (and) bad relationships.”

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