Ook and the Elephant

Ook, ook, ook
Say it fast, say it whispery and menacing
Growl it in a range of preposterous accents
Say it as slow as you can, but clear the room first.
No, clear the room. Completely.

Split the light
Frighteners from the trees
The storms will seize
Our boats, send us
Spinning back

Your weary ear needs a rest. Everybody clangs so hard.

If we all made a pact and downed tools, just for a year, what would we do instead? What could we get done? Would we fix things?


Go make potions in the back yard. Use flowers and insects.

Put some silence in your tunes. Slow them down. Let them breathe. They’ll thank you, and then fly away from you, smiling.

Our new EP “Carry me Home” is also available to download via www.ookandtheelephant.bandcamp.com/

Praise for our debut ep “Find Yourself Gone”

“Picture Band of Skulls’ and Gogol Bordellos’ child, it comes in the shape of a Bolton based quartet. Emily Cooke has some of the sweetest vocals you will hear in today’s music industry. Don McColl sings as low as his bass does, a contrapuntal sound compared to the lead vocals. For me it sums up their style, it’s like sugar coated fury.”
Counterfeit Magazine

“Find Yourself Gone”, has all the hallmarks of a band wanting to write a record for themselves, and yet coincidentally stumbling across everything they could need to give this record appeal to a much wider audience.
As with their live show, this EP is stunning.
I urge you to buy it.
And then I defy you not to instantly want to come and watch them at one of our gigs.
You won’t regret it.”
Leaf Promotions

Contact Ook and the Elephant via ookandtheelephant@gmail.com