Old House Playground

Old House Playground is a two piece contemporary blues/folk band with roots in the Greek folk songwriting culture. In 2009, Tryfon Lazos (voice, guitars) and Andreas Venetantes (drums, percussion) moved from Athens to Manchester to indulge in new musical paths and forms of expression. Soon after that, they started hanging out with producer / musician Chris Evans, with whom they would record their first album God Damn That Gold. The album was released in June 2012 by the independent label Evening Economies / Fat Bob Records. The release was followed by an extended tour around UK pubs, clubs and cool little venues with audiences’ reactions being overwhelming.

By the end of 2013, the production team Sugar House approached the band, offering them to produce their next recordings. This collaboration would lead to four new songs, which will be released in the near future.

In May 2014 Old House Playground performed with Vini Reilly and the Durutti Column at Chorlton’s Arts Festival, hosted by Dave Haslam.

Autumn 2014 finds the band working on the music for a film documentary entitled “The Road to Sparta”. Directed and produced by Barney Spender, the film centers around a 246 km ultra marathon, which the band followed together with the film crew. The film will be released in spring 2015.