nina fian

Nina Fian is an independent singer-songwriter, now based in Liverpool, UK, but originally from Vienna, Austria. Music was in her blood: her father was a well known and respected Jazz musician and her great aunt was an Opera singer. Inevitably this musical background meant that Nina quickly developed a love and instinctive understanding of music, and her prodigious talent began to emerge in her junior years. She taught herself piano at the tender age of 9 and began to nurture a dream to become a well-known performing musician, setting out on a path from which she has never wavered.From singing in school choirs to forming a girls’ band, Nina threw herself into any musical activity to sharpen her skills. In terms of her artistic development, she began to take her inspiration from a diverse set of influences, from classical music to classic rock and metal. She started guitar lessons at the age of 15 and started to form bands in her teenage years. Then from the age of 18, Nina studied classical guitar for 3 years at the renowned Vienna Konservatorium.She began to develop her improvisational skills on piano and kept practising regularly. She took opera singing and piano lessons and also worked as a classical guitar teacher.At the age of 21, Nina made the bold decision to move to Liverpool, England, seeking to further her career as a musician. Since then Nina immersed herself in the thriving open mic scene, testing new material. Meanwhile she became a mother, took acting classes and performed in local theatre and a couple of short films (composing the music for one of them).Over the last 3 years, Nina has been joining and putting together bands, slowly evolving the ideal line-up to project her material. She started to concentrate more on developing her own unique style and now feels that she has finally“found herself” musically. Nina is keen to progress her music and has become a prolific songwriter/composer. She has completed her first album and is already in the process of composing material for a second album.Nina’s style is defiantly different from anything in the current mainstream, but that is not to say that is has no commercial appeal – on the contrary, it is highly accessible and melodic, yet melancholic, wistful and atmospheric. She takes her influences from many styles of music and many different artists, predominantly melancholic, progressive rock, metal and classical music.Some of her works have incorporated cello into the music which adds to the idiosyncracy and grace of the arrangements. Nina’s music has been described as “thoughtful”, “dreamy”, “wistful”, “poignant”, “deep” and “atmospheric”. She takes pride in the fact that her lyrics always convey real meaning and accurately reflect real life experiences. When composing music, Nina uses a lot of improvisation: “I don’t really think of a chord progression before composing a song, I prefer to improvise and let the ideas come to me.”