New Element Music

A lifetime journey has taken Manu on the road from France to Cuba, passing through Spain and landing in London, going from a professional drummer to the music composer, singer/songwriter and producer for New Element Music. Manu started off performing jazz, funk, soul music as a drummer/percussionist, crossing over into rock playing in various bands for several years in London. Now, owning his destiny as an independent artist, Manu is focusing his love and energy into making pop flavoured electronic music.

New Element Music released debut mini-EP ‘Revelation’ in January and new single ‘Duo Apart’ in July 2017. ‘Having caught the wind in the sails’ New Element Music starts catching the ears of several digital radio stations across the world supporting emerging artists. From now on anything is possible as Manu reveals himself to the world with deep passion for composition, songwriting and music production.

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