Mutant-Thoughts is an Experimental Alternative music project formed by Han Luis Cera (Vocals and Synths), Joshua Lennox-Hilton (Bass and Backing Vocals) and Tom Pearmain (Drums), with an electronic, eclectic, eerie vibe as well as beautiful melodies.

On a constant search for new sounds, rhythms, harmonies and textures, Mutant-Thoughts have worked on trying to construct their vision on what the world sounds like.

Using Synths, Drum Machines and effects, this band is able to transform our surroundings into a completely new reality which is perceived with detail in the music.

The first EP is out now and you can enjoy it’s original and refreshing sound.
Stay tuned through the music published on the website:

In the Press:

Simon Reynolds wrote:

Like the mesh of the bass guitar and synth lines. Vocals have a touch of Thom Yorke but also make me think of Bowie spaced out under the influence of heavy sedation.


Tom Whale from Indie Bands Blog wrote:


The underlying tones register as a somber note which creates an oppressive atmosphere at the core of the material, which is equally matched by the funereal procession speed of the music overlayed with an equally subdued vocal. Slightly experimental in nature, without heading away from recognizable sounds of directions of travel Mutant-Thoughts creates a powerful imagery and emotional drive within the listener.

The music weaves a path into the mind of the audience taking them on a journey of discovery, which despite its inherent sadness somehow feels comforting, allowing the head to wallow in thoughts of personal misfortune without becoming introspectively indulgent.

Whilst I have spent all of the review so far talking about the repressed mood of the music that isn’t to say you leave feeling in despair as there is a catharsis in the music itself, which is riven with an array of textures and contexts that become beacons of light. The overwhelming power and expressive nature of the material softens the anxieties and the very name Mutant-Thoughts is a play on the content.