Mozura are purveyors of fine quality anglo-americana and alt-blues.

Double Bass, Drums & Vox:
Rich Austin
Guitar, Double Bass & Vox:
Mo Oram
Guitar, Banjo & Vox:
Law Turley
AJ Shaw(live), A.Fonda & M.Ashworth (album)

“Such a great gospel feel on this track…”
Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

“…each song [has] its own dynamic and texture, whilst keeping the listener’s ear open to every new step and swagger that this album walks…warm emotional, heroic, moving, sometimes completely bonkers, but always true to itself…”
Jackson Cooper, RivieraFM

“Possibly the best band PR department going…”
James Santer, BBC Introducing Devon

“… a new band to my ears, I love the groove and the swagger of this tune and really should search out some more.”

“…a sparse basic sound building to a swell of sweet harmonies over a bedrock of folk-americana (with a small a ‘cos it sounds very British), the following up wave of new alt-country that first broke with the Broken Family Band.”
Quentin Burton – Mr.Wolfs, Bristol

“First thoughts…Pentangle and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young had a baby and they called it Mozura.”
Pete Shields – Chagstock