Mick Flaherty

Mick Flaherty is a Singer Songwriter from Liverpool.


Writing and playing since the age of 14, Mick found solace in music as a means of escaping the sometimes negative peer pressure that would claim many to engage in less productive anti-social activities.

Starting out as a bassist; he cut his teeth in various bands over the years as well as community arts projects. Mick took a new turn when the frustrations of trying to form a band of like minded musicians caused him to take the front man reigns and swap his more familiar bass playing role to that of a guitarist.

Taking inspiration from the open tunings of blues guitarists like Skip James and applying them to the picking style of the likes of Jose Gonzales and Ben Howard, he moulded his riffs into a delivery more associated with the post-rock of Mogwai.

A trait of intense and sometimes abstract creativity can also be found in the self-made artwork that accompany his various self-released online EPs, as well as for others around his local scene.