Mick J Clark

Hi, my name is Mick J Clark, I am a singer/songwriter who plays guitar and keyboards. I have written over 50 songs and I have released three albums on The New Atlantic Record Label, called ‘Notes One’, ‘Notes Two’ and ‘Notes Three, which were released in May 2014, and January 2015 .There are 12 songs on each album, all quite different. One is called ‘Soldier Boy’ it is my Help For Heroes song to all the very brave soldiers, past and present. Hopefully my personality comes through in my songs, fun, emotional, rebellious, amusing and all of them heartfelt.
I also have a Christmas E.P. out called, ‘Mick’s Christmas Mix’, on the New Atlantic Record label, and I also have two songs, published by World Domination Music Ltd on a Christmas Album of twelve songs called ‘The Indie Christmas Album’.

My albums are on ITUNES, Amazon, Spotify , YouTube and Reverbnation.
I am very pleased to say that my songs are being played on numerous radio stations, Croydon Radio, East Coast Radio, Seagull 1602, etc.
In making these albums, I would like to thank my producer Nelson King, (Empty Space Studios), check out Nelson’s web page http://www.nelsonking.net
I play pubs, clubs and also Scream Studios in South Croydon sometimes. Having now made two albums, which I’m pleased to say have been well received, I will be looking to play bigger venues with my material.
I have also written a book titled ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?’, (not about Elvis Presley) It is a humorous thriller, which I am pleased to say was well reviewed by Kirkus and also Blue Ink. It is published by Amazon, and also available on E-book. It has also been turned into a screen play.