Luke harber

Luke Harber (born October 11th 1988) is an British musician and singer-songwriter known for strong vocals and a large alto to tenor span.

He was raised in North London with Greek heritage and influences from artists such as Cat ‘Yusuf’ Stevens, Queen & Led Zeppelin. Early musical interests were gathered for Harber when he began singing in choirs, musicals and live events around London. Harber started singing at a very young age, and picked up his first guitar at the age of fifteen.
It was at this time, that Harber found multi-talent for elevated vocals and rock guitar. He spent over five years musically studying guitar academically and eventually achieving a higher education in music.

It was in this time that he formed the North London rock band Royal Zen, taking position as Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitarist; who’s first debut single ‘Walk the World’ released in 2011 was a fusion of Journey-esque vocal hooks and Bryan Adams power ballads, destined to become a jukebox classic. Royal Zen’s classic attitude to modern rock tore a new market in the heart of the London rock scene, with the talents of his close musical friends Ben Pantelis (Drums & Backing Vocals), Tony Trup (Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals) and Sam Maxwell.

Royal Zen played weekly for some of the largest and well known musical events and locations in North London. Sadly Royal Zen split in 2013; but for Luke Harber the musical journey found its way back to him.

He took the softer vocals attained in younger years and combined them with professional vocal training for Rock singing; combined with an extensive variety of different types of musical influences found his own exclusive style that is today.