King Street Kings

-Life Message-
-Jesse Lee Christ-

Welcome To King Street (Mixtape) Out Now For Free Listen & Download.

King Street Kings is an American Rap/Hip Hop group based out of Providence, Rhode Island formed in 2014 made up of founding members Life Message (Nick B.), Jesse Christ (Jesse B.). We are just starting out and slowly but steadily becoming more known, improving our sound and gaining a bigger fan base every day. Everybody has struggles of their own, and we strive to speak on those troubles that we experienced in order to help people learn from our mistakes before they go and make the same ones. We currently have about 30 songs released on our SoundCloud & Reverbnation so if you enjoy our music or our cause please give us a chance, take a listen and maybe even follow/subscribe because we are dedicated as well as determined to help our career/influence/interests grow for all that are putting effort into this music so we can bring our people away from these struggles.

Welcome To King Street the first mixtape by King Street was released July 4th, 2015 and are currently working on a new mixtape to be released late 2015 or early 2016 entitled “Eye Of Horus”.