Kev Howell

Haunting Ambition out now

“Blends the brawny fiery punch of rock with sublime smoky poetry and sensual steamy psychedelia, showcasing his refined and proficient musicianship. – Indiebuddie

“Blends the same pop and rock threads as much of the music around him but there is something in the way he deconstructs and rebuilds it to make his own signature sound which is a real art” – A & R Factory.

“Bewitching and sublime, we at IndiePulse Music can see this will be a breakout release for Kev Howell” – Indiepulse Music

“This is a gorgeous album to slip your headphones on and relax into, stirring moments of quiet contemplation due to Kev’s poetic, soft tone vocal, combined with a blend of vibrant, colorful splashes instrumentally which will have your feet tapping, body swaying and your mind floating. An intricately produced sonic work from Kev Howell which stands proudly as his first solo project.” – Revelrouser

“Influenced by the Blues and all things psychedelic, accounting for the almost hypnotic nature of the songs”