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Jordan Burrows is an unsigned 18 year old singer-songwriter from Jersey, Channel Islands (UK). Although he is an acoustic singer-songwriter, he writes not so typical acoustic songs. His style is different from other artists out there today, due to an influence from all music from all genres. Please give the time to take a look at Jordan Burrows on his other websites;

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You can get in contact with Jordan Burrows by Messaging him via Twitter/Facebook, through the ‘Contact’ page on his website, or by e-mailing


Jordan Burrows is a 18 year old Singer/Songwriter from Jersey, Channel Islands. Coming from a musical household, Jordan has constantly had music in his life. From learning the piano at 5 years old, Jordan always had a keen interest in music. After deciding to pick up the electric guitar at 8 and having a years worth of guitar lessons, he found it hard to put the guitar down. It was at the age of 15 that Jordan bought his first acoustic guitar, and from the first day he started to write his own songs seriously.

In the past he has won his place onto one of Jersey’s main youth centre’s – ‘La Motte Street’, ‘Tour School’ where he completed a mini tour around the south of England between 1st – 8th April 2012. Completing 10 gigs as part of the Tour School process. This Tour was a great success for Jordan, seeing his Facebook ‘likes’ increase by over 484 during the 8 days. And was also a massive confidence booster, especially seeing as how his first gig ‘ever’ had only been a month before. Since the Tour, Jordan has had multiple radio plays and gigs around Jersey, and even an offering to play in England for a small event whilst the Olympic torch was in town.

Since then, Jordan has performed at numerous gigs, including Jersey Live Festival 2013, and live on BBC Radio’s ‘Introducing in Jersey’ – on which his original material is now regularly played.

Earlier this year, Jordan was a featured artist on ‘Best of British unsigned’ – an international radio show played on 80 stations in 15 countries, during which he was interviewed and had two original songs, “Blame” and “Where I stand” played.

Presently Jordan is working with video producer, Simon Edwards of ‘SRE Films’ (previously worked with companies such as Rolls Royce and BT) who having seen his material on YouTube contacted him with the view of creating two promotional videos of his work aswell as a video interview.

Jordan’s YouTube channel now has over 50,000 views and has over 270 Subscribers.