Jess Handley

Jess Handley, a Singer Songwriter, described as beautiful, melodic folk and pop ballads, each enchanting song shows off a distinctive and quite haunting voice that merges classical training and pop.


Recorded, interviewed and played by BBC Introducing West with Sam Bonham and Richard Pitt, she has also been featured and played on BBC Radio Somerset’s Charlie Taylor Breakfast Show and had one of her songs played and been interviewed by Emma Britton on the Afternoon Show.


“One act that really caught my eye or ear perhaps, was Jess Handley.” – BBC Somerset’s Charlie Taylor


“She has so much confidence for someone so young. The first song she wrote when she was just 13. She just sits there, she plays beautiful piano, she’s got a great voice. I had a chat with her afterwards and basically said to her, you’ve got the grounding, it’s absolutely brilliant, the fact that your writing your own material is a bonus as well, but take your time because it really could be something special over the next two years—it already is but it is going to get better I’m sure” – BBC Introducing’s Richard Pitt